The Hidden Web

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There are several deep webs. “Deep Web” merely refers to something that a group of people have hidden from the general population. But with Tor, just download the Tor Browser Bundle and go at it. It’s already configured. Once you run the program, it will open a specially modified version of Firefox.
It’s fully patched and safe. DO NOT log into any services besides .onion addresses. Tor is FULLY encrypted when you’re inside the network but when you go out of it, the person who’s internet you’re surfing through get’s to see ALL of your information (passwords, usernames, websites you’re surfing).
They can’t associate it with you (which is what makes it anonymous) but because their computer has to decrypt it to send it to sites like youtube or facebook, it’s better if you use a VPN for these types of services.
Anything with .onion is fully encrypted because it stays in the network. Anything with .com, .net etc goes to a third party and is decrypted and sent to the website. The third party can see it once it’s been decrypted.

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